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Commercial CCTV

Keep Your Business Secure with a Professional CCTV System

Commercial CCTV Services Installation

Security Cameras for Business

After our success providing residential CCTV, we have adapted our expertise to include commercial properties, delivering the typically unrivalled service and attention to detail our customers expect.

We specialise in providing high quality, industry leading security camera systems to SME's with local engineers covering Leeds, Sheffield, Rotherham, Bradford, York, Barnsley, Doncaster and the surrounding Yorkshire area.

We can provide a free, no obligation survey for your camera system, backed by years of glowing references and customer testimonials. If you would like a quote, please feel free to get in touch using the button below.

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Our Commercial CCTV Systems

  • Professional Installation & A Grade Hardware
  • Ongoing Support & Service
  • Low Maintenance Solutions
  • Viewable on Smartphones & TV's

What Are The Benefits of CCTV for your Business?

Deter Crime

Generally, would be thieves are opportunist. That means that just the very sight of a CCTV system could help deter criminals from breaking in to your business premises.

Reducing Premiums

Some insurance companies will take security factors into account when quoting for liability and general business insurance. Along with monitored alarm systems and upgraded locks, CCTV cameras added to your business can dramatically reduce premiums.

Peace of Mind

Increasing security in your business will help you sleep a little more easily. What's more, most modern CCTV systems can be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet, meaning you can keep a check on your business 24/7.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, a CCTV system requires very little maintenance, making them the perfect 'fit and forget' security system.

Covering Your Business

If your business deals with the general public, you could be at risk of legal action or disputes at any time. Adding cameras to your business can help cover you and your staff against complaints where video evidence can clear things up.

Minimise Risk and Cost

In the unfortunate event that your business is victim to a break in and theft then video evidence can be extremely useful. Using a CCTV system can help police with inquiries and increase the chances of apprehending criminals and recovering your important business belongings.