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What Are The Benefits of installing CCTV in Hospitals?

Deter Crime

Hospital security is unique, but with good planning, protection of visitors, patients, staff and assets can be enhanced. A solution to these issues is to make sure that a fully integrated and up to date security management system incorporating all the security disciplines is employed.

Generally, most thieves are opportunists. This can make hospitals an easy target for potential thieves to steal clinic and/or patient property as most rooms are unlocked and easily accessible. This can cause significant financial losses for hospitals.

The deterrent effect of CCTV has been proven to significantly reduce crime overall and assist in convictions where appropriate. Installing a CCTV system will not only help deter these criminals but it will also help you to keep your visitors, patients and hospital staff safe.

Reducing Premiums

Some insurance companies will take security factors into account when quoting for liability and general business insurance. Along with monitored alarm systems and upgraded locks, CCTV cameras added to hospital buildings can dramatically reduce premiums. It’s also particularly important to protect your business against fraudulent claims over possible malpractice. CCTV can eliminate illegitimate claims helping to reduce your premiums even further & protect the reputation of the hospital and its staff.

Peace Of Mind

One of the biggest causes for concern in hospitals are the chances of anyone entering certain sectors of the building without authorisation. Sadly, not all supposed ‘visitors’ come to the hospital to wish their loved ones a speedy recovery. This can have detrimental effects on hospitals such as theft, or worse, a threat to staff and public safety. Unfortunately, cases of children being kidnapped from newborn nurseries are repeatedly hitting the headlines. In order to ensure that infants and new parents can sleep peacefully, many hospitals employ CCTV systems. This ensures that no one can enter the baby ward unnoticed. 

Visitors and patients aren’t the only ones at risk. Incidents of violence and aggression to staff members are becoming increasingly more frequent. Overall, hospitals face a daily security challenge from a variety of threats and dangers. These threats range from violence towards staff and patients to the theft of vital equipment and crimes of opportunity.

By increasing security in your hospital, you can sleep a little more easily knowing that these risks are significantly reduced. What’s more, most modern CCTV systems can be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet, meaning the hospital can be monitored 24/7. This video footage can then be used to assist in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting offenders. 

Low Maintenance

At Home CCTV services we take the time to review your building and analyse your security needs before suggesting a CCTV system to you. We do this by looking at your departments, determining the threat levels of each department and planning possible countermeasures. This allows us to consider your requirements and put the most suitable system in place to save any additional installments being needed in the future. 

Our professional team of installers can offer a multitude of camera options, including single and multi-camera recording systems, tailored to suit your needs. We can also advise you on the security and precautions you should have in place in the hospital alongside your CCTV system to ensure you are compliant with confidentiality laws.

Once installed, a CCTV system requires very little maintenance, making them the perfect ‘fit and forget’ security system.

Covering Your Business

Failed surgeries or complicated births can often raise questions with relatives and friends on whether there were any mistakes during procedures. This can put hospitals at risk of legal action or disputes at any time. Adding cameras to your business can help cover you and your staff against complaints where video evidence can clear things up and resolve the issue quickly.

Not only does CCTV help with eliminating legal disputes & reducing crimes such as theft but for many hospitals, it can be a great tool when used internally to review procedures at later dates.

Minimise Cost

CCTV systems can help hospitals manage finances more effectively and minimise costs by protecting trust premises and trust assets; a lot of which are very expensive to replace. Ensuring that all equipment stays in the hospital is vital for saving patients lives and keeping these costs low. 

High quality surveillance can also assist in traffic management and car parking schemes by ensuring that cars do not use the car park without paying. Having a system in place will provide evidence of the number plate of cars as well as when they entered and left the car park and whether or not they paid. This will ultimately save costs but it will also ensure that the car park is effectively managed and used by staff and those who are visiting the hospital.

Minimise Risk 

Especially in intensive care units, patients are mostly unable to communicate a deterioration of their condition to medical staff. Video surveillance enables staff to monitor patients 24/7 – for in an emergency it is the quick reaction which determines a patient’s chances to survive. In anaesthetic recovery rooms the patient’s’ conditions can also be monitored from the nurses’ room, helping hospital staff deal with the high number of patients. 

By having CCTV systems in hallways, cafes, carparks, shipping areas, lifts and exits, hospitals can ensure personal safety to the patients, staff and visitors which will help police with enquiries when necessary. This increases the chances of apprehending criminals and helps reduce criminal activity. It also helps with identification which can be extremely important for preventing further crime from repeat offenders.

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