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What Are The Benefits of installing CCTV in Office Buildings?

Deter Crime

Generally, most thieves are opportunists. That means that just the very sight of a CCTV system could help deter criminals from breaking into your offices. Installing a CCTV system will not only help deter these criminals but it will also help you to reduce theft overall. Sadly, employee theft can be another big issue for businesses both large & small but the deterrent effect of CCTV has been proven to significantly reduce this type of theft and assist in convictions where appropriate.

Reducing Premiums

Some insurance companies will take security factors into account when quoting for liability and general business insurance. Along with monitored alarm systems and upgraded locks, CCTV cameras added to your office building can dramatically reduce premiums. It’s also particularly important to protect your business against fraudulent claims. CCTV can eliminate illegitimate claims helping to reduce your premiums even further.

Peace Of Mind

One of the biggest causes for concern in office buildings are the chances of anyone entering a building without authorisation, causing damage to buildings or property. There are numerous ways this can happen but the most common ways include tailgating, door propping, levering doors & stolen or missing keys. This can have detrimental effects to your business such as theft, or worse, a threat to staff and public safety.

Once a person has gained unauthorised access they can also cause further damage which could go unnoticed for a while. You wouldn’t even know anyone has accessed the office. These dangers include social engineering, wiretapping, exploiting security weaknesses in your systems, installing malicious programmes & IP spoofing. All of which can be hard to track, hard to prove & even more difficult to find a convict for.

By increasing security in your business, you can sleep a little more easily knowing that these risks are much less likely. What’s more, most modern CCTV systems can be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet, meaning you can keep a check on your business 24/7.

Low Maintenance

At Home CCTV services we take the time to review your business and your offices before suggesting a CCTV system to you. This allows us to consider your requirements and save you from needing any additional instalments in the future. Our professional team of installers can offer a multitude of camera options, including single and multi-camera recording systems, tailored to suit your needs.

Once installed, a CCTV system requires very little maintenance, making them the perfect ‘fit and forget’ security system.

Covering Your Business

If your business deals with the general public, you could be at risk of legal action or disputes at any time. Adding cameras to your business can help cover you and your staff against complaints where video evidence can clear things up.

Not only does CCTV help with eliminating legal disputes & reducing crimes such as theft but for many office buildings, it can be a great staff training tool when used internally and can be used to ensure that your team are working correctly at all times.

Minimise Risk And Cost

Most of the security threats and risks to office buildings are the result of unauthorized access to data and programs but even authorized users can be a risk if not controlled properly. These risks can cause a huge loss of money for businesses depending on the criminal’s intentions.

It could lead to unauthorised disclosure of information which could be confidential, sensitive or embarrassing. This reduces your business credibility & reputation which creates a loss of earnings. It can be difficult to grow a business after this.

Legal implications such as security or privacy breaches could expose your business to lawsuits. As well as losing your credibility to these investors or customers this can be extremely expensive to deal with.

Disruption of computer services can make it so you’re unable to access resources when requires leading to a loss of productivity. If this happens at a critical time then the financial loses could be huge.

Blackmail can be a common way for intruders to steal from your business without actually taking any money. This is usually done by threatening to exploit the security breach to the public.

By having a CCTV system in place can help police with inquiries and increase the chances of apprehending criminals and recovering your important business belongings.

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