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What Are The Benefits of installing CCTV in Retail Businesses?

Deter Crime

Generally, most thieves are opportunists. That means that just the very sight of a CCTV system could help deter criminals from breaking into your shopping centre or retail store. Installing a CCTV system will not only help deter these criminals but it ill also help you to reduce theft overall. Sadly, employee theft can be another big issue for businesses both large & small but the deterrent effect of CCTV has been proven to significantly reduce this type of theft and assist in convictions where appropriate.

Reducing Premiums

Crime against the retail industry costs over £1 billion in crime prevention which is at a record high and nearly 4 times the 2015-’16 figures. This accounts for 1.9billion in losses to the industry. With statistics like these, it’s no wonder why some insurance companies will take security factors into account when quoting for liability and general business insurance. Along with monitored alarm systems and upgraded locks, CCTV cameras added to your business can dramatically reduce premiums. It’s also particularly important in protecting your business against fraudulent claims which currently cost the industry £163 million.

Peace Of Mind

It’s certainly not uncommon for crime to happen in retail stores no matter how small or large the business is. In fact, most retailers face issues such as violence, abuse, theft, damage, fraud and cyber attacks.

One of the biggest causes for concern is the abuse that staff members receive for simply trying to do their job. Violence, in particular, has increased significantly in the retail sector over the years to the point that now there are 115 employees attacked every day in their place of work. Having reliable CCTV can help you minimise these risks and bring the culprits to justice in the worst-case scenario.

Increasing security in your business will help you sleep a little more easily. What’s more, most modern CCTV systems can be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet, meaning you can keep a check on your business 24/7.


Low Maintenance

At Home CCTV services we take the time to review your business and your retail store before suggesting a CCTV system to you. This allows us to consider your requirements and save you from needing any additional instalments in the future. Our professional team of installers can offer a multitude of camera options, including single and multi-camera recording systems, tailored to suit your needs. 

Once installed, a CCTV system requires very little maintenance, making them the perfect ‘fit and forget’ security system.

Covering Your Business

When your business deals with the general public, you could be at risk of legal action or disputes at any time. Adding cameras to your business can help cover you and your staff against complaints where video evidence can clear things up. 

CCTV systems can also be a great staff training tool and can be used to ensure that your team are working correctly at all times. It can also bring problems to light such as customer service issues, long ques & inadequate staffing to help you manage your store more effectively.

Minimise Cost

Thefts account for a loss of £663 million in the industry with a loss of £15 million in burglary and £15 million in robberies alone. In the unfortunate event that your business is subject to a break-in or theft then video evidence can be extremely useful. Using a CCTV system can help police with inquiries and increase the chances of apprehending criminals and recovering your stock.

Surprisingly, members of the public aren’t the only risk to your business. In fact, customer theft remains by far the largest area of loss, now accounting for just over £660 million. The most common internal thefts include cash taken directly from tills, products taken from the store, price overrides and partial scanning of products.

Internal thefts can be much harder to find out about and much harder to deal with. By having CCTV in place you can make it much easier to manage staff and approach them about this should it be necessary. It will also make it much easier for you to discipline or dismiss the member of staff as you will have clear evidence of the gross misconduct that took place.

Minimise Risk 

Most of the security threats and risks to retail stores are the result of theft. By having a CCTV system in place not only can you protect your business and profits but it will also help to protect one of your most valuable assets; your employees. The scary factor is that a lot of thieves are now using weapons as a threat when stealing with knives seen as the most significant type of weapon. Thieves aren’t the only culprit though, with a total of 42,000 violent incidents recorded in the industry.

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