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What Are The Benefits of installing CCTV in Warehouses?

Deter Crime

It’s no secret that warehouses usually store large amounts of valuable stock, and need to be accessible to a range of people to ensure efficient working practices. This can make them a prime target for thieves. 

Generally, most thieves are opportunists. That means that just the very sight of a CCTV system could help deter criminals from breaking into your warehouse. Sadly, employee theft can be another big issue for warehouses but the deterrent effect of CCTV has been proven to significantly reduce this type of theft and assist in dismissals and convictions where appropriate.

Reducing Premiums

Some insurance companies will take security factors into account when quoting for liability and general business insurance. Along with monitored alarm systems and upgraded locks, CCTV cameras added to your warehouse can dramatically reduce premiums. It’s also particularly important to protect your business against fraudulent claims. CCTV can eliminate illegitimate claims helping to reduce your premiums even further.

Peace Of Mind

One of the biggest causes for concern in warehouses are the chances of anyone getting injured, especially whilst using machinery such as forklifts. CCTV surveillance is a great way to enforce a safer working environment and ensure that employees are following the safety guidelines in place. 

In the event that a worker doesn’t follow the company procedures, CCTV evidence can help you to avoid costly insurance claims from incompliant workers. On a general note, it also helps you to identify any equipment faults and make constant improvements in your procedures and areas of production to create a safe and effective working environment.

By increasing security in your warehouse, you can sleep a little more easily knowing that these risks are much less likely. What’s more, most modern CCTV systems can be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet, meaning you can keep a check on your business 24/7 without being on-site.

Low Maintenance

At Home CCTV services we take the time to review your business and your warehouse before suggesting a CCTV system to you. This allows us to consider your requirements and save you from needing any additional instalments in the future. 

Our professional team of installers can offer a multitude of camera options, including single and multi-camera recording systems, tailored to suit your needs. We will also consider a few options when it comes to the placement of your system. This way we can ensure that the CCTV covers all the working areas such as storerooms & offices whilst avoiding break areas and restrooms. 

Once installed, a CCTV system requires very little maintenance, making them the perfect ‘fit and forget’ security system.

Covering Your Business

As vandalism and theft rates have risen it has become quite clear that security isn’t enough to protect your business and employees alone. Due to the nature of warehouses, it can be difficult to monitor at all times as there is usually an access point that is often open to allow deliveries in and out of the building. 

This could accidentally give the general public access to your warehouse building and you could become at risk of legal action or disputes at any time. Adding cameras as well as clear signage around the building can help cover you and your company against complaints where video evidence can clear things up.

Not only does CCTV help with eliminating legal disputes & reducing crimes such as theft but for many warehouses, it can be a great training tool for employees and can be used to ensure that your staff are working correctly at all times.

Minimise Risk And Cost

At Home CCTV services we create bespoke CCTV systems to suit warehouses of any size with night vision being a common option for most warehouses to ensure that even in the worst-case scenarios the criminals can be brought to justice. 

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